Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Becoming millionaire by agloco

Think is a myth . Just read the article i pick up at world wide succcess
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire? There are very few opportunities in life for most people to achieve this level of wealth. One of these opportunities maybe happening right now and it is called Agloco.

Agloco is revolutionizing the economics of the internet by distributing the wealth generated online to the internet content creators, that is, to average users like you. To better understand how Agloco is able to do this, see the post “Users Can Now Tap Into Internet Money Machine.”

When YouTube was sold to Google for $1.7 billion how much money did you make? Most likely zero. The same is true of all the end-users that created all the videos that were uploaded to YouTube. Do you know how much the founders made? Chad Hurley and family took home $345 million. Steven Chen and family took $355 million, and Jawed Karim took $64.6 million. The employees took $142 million and investors took more than $579 million. Isn’t it a shame that with so much money floating around the very people that created the content of YouTube and made it famous received absolutely nothing? Yes, the founders and early employees should have been rewarded. And yes, the investors should have received their cut. But it would only be fair if the content creators also took a piece of the action.

Now, hypothetically, what would happen if Agloco was sold for the same amount as YouTube? How would the money be shared? Believe it or not, someone has actually done this analysis. Harold, the author of the blog Haroldbbbg1619 made some assumptions and figured the following distribution of the proceeds:

Founders - $76 million ($5.5 million for each of the 14 founders)
Employees - $15 million
Investors - $79 million

The rest, $1.530 million, would go to the Agloco members. This may seem like a lot of money but for most members without an extensive referral network this would only translate into maybe a few hundred dollars. But here is the real gem. The top Agloco referrers would potentially make millions. Here is how much Harold estimated the top referrers would make, based on their current referrals, and several assumptions, including a reasonable growth rate:

Mr. X - $4 million
David Lawrence - $3.5 million
RZ McCall - $3.2 million
John Chow - $1 million
Yogesh Subhanand - $ 0.7 million
Geoff Shenk - $0.6 million
Valerie Underhill - $0.4 million

Certainly that are many assumptions built into these calculations, and some or all of them may never come to fruition. However, the thought of Agloco being sold for the same amount as YouTube may not be such a farfetched idea. Agloco’s popularity is growing at an amazing rate. RZ McCall compared Google searches on Agloco to other popular searches and concluded that Agloco has the potential to explode. In just 90 days it had over one million page searches on Google. In comparison, YouTube reached 123 million page searches over a period of 2 years. One advantage that Agloco has over YouTube is that it has a solid business plan and it knows how it is going to make money. YouTube, on the other hand, although very popular, is yet to get monetized.

“OK”, you say, “but you are talking about the top referrers making most of the money, not the average person”. True. But do you know how the top referrers built their network? Take RZ McCall as an example. He is currently ranked as the #3 referrer according to Agloco Top Gun. As of February 21, 2007 McCall had 110 direct referrals and his referrals recruited the additional 17,000 people in his network. How difficult can it be to recruit 110 people?

So how can you become a millionaire with Agloco? First, join the network. Then build your own network of referrals. If you recruit 110 people you could potentially become just as big a referrer as McCall. And if Harold’s estimates are right and Agloco becomes the success it is expected to become, you could be worth $3.2 million! Now, wouldn’t you be willing to go out of your way to recruit 110 people to potentially make this kind of money? Send emails to your friends, talk to people at work, contact people in your family. Use your own imagination to recruit new members and you can potentially become a millionaire too! Sure there are no guarantees. Sure this is all hypothetical and based on lots of assumptions. But there are also no costs or risks, so why not try it?

If you want to learn more about the history of Agloco and why it has a great chance of being a big success I would suggest reading the article “The History of Agloco” at

You may want to start recruiting now while Agloco is still in its early stages. Once Agloco becomes very popular it will be a lot harder to find new recruits. If you sign-up using one of the Agloco links on this article you will be part of my network of referrals. Remember, the bigger this community grows, the more each member wins.

user benefit from internet surfing.

While surfing for fun .Actually we can make money without investing anything. Just surf net and you earn money.Is it possible?

Worldwide Success explores this idea with the post "Users Can Now Tap Into Internet Money Machine", saying:
The very people who produce most of the content on the internet and who are responsible for the engine that drives this economic power are not receiving their fair share of this bounty. We are talking about you, the user. Yes, the same people that Time Magazine called the ‘Person of the Year’ for producing the content that has elevated sites like Flickr, MySpace and YouTube to prominence. One company is daring to change this paradigm by paying users to surf the internet. Let me introduce you to Agloco. "
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is it possible to become millionaire by surfing

Is it possible to become a millionaire with Agloco? Apparently it is. A comparison was made between the sale of YouTube and what a hypothetical sale of Agloco might yield for its top referrers, and several of them were estimated to make millions of dollars from the potential sale of Agloco.
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

E gold

A lot of friend interesting about the thing and want to know how they go and invest in autosurf program. First, you need a e gold account. it is free to open. Click to open. Then Fund your money into your e gold account. You can fund your e gold account with Credit Card, Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union or other payments method. To do this you have to use the exchange services provided by exchangers.
Make sure when you log in your acc next time there is a https . s is for security. Never click on the links in your e mel for log in.
E gold acc means money. If it got stolen, don't say i don't remind you.
There you goes, ready for autosurf!